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Roland and Pro Audio Systems ‘Pro Partnership’!

Impeccable experiences with Sound and Vision, it’s what we do and what we love! We’re very happy to announce our Roland Pro A/V ‘Pro Partner’ agreement, enabling us to supply their excellent range of ‘complex-made simple’ Audio and Video products.

Roland’s excellent range of Pro A/V gear includes Digital Mixing Consoles and a comprehensive offering of Vision Mixers/Switchers for every budget and application. They also have some first-class products for A/V infrastructure which we’ve fully put through their paces and come up with some fantastic results, safe to say, the results were astounding!

Pro Audio’s Asher Dowson was particularly impressed with their Flagship digital mixing console, the M-5000, ‘We’re often asked by those looking for a new console about three things – how it sounds, how well it integrates with different audio protocols and how easily it can be configured for different shows. Roland’s console has got it covered and then some – sublime audio fidelity, option cards for pretty much every audio network protocol out there and 128 streams of audio which you can configure any which way you like! It’s a very easy board to get to know too, so we knew it was something special and had to get behind it.’

Have you had a look at Roland’s product portfolio? We’d love to chat further about how they can improve your event production – and if you’d like, we can arrange a hands-on demo so you can truly see for yourself what they’re capable of.

Mud, Glorious Mud

Once again a team of intrepid athletes from Pro Audio Systems took part in the latest Royal British Legion Major Series event held at Bramham Park in Leeds. Ten kilometres of gruelling physical exertion…they say that every picture tells a story…well done everyone!

We’ve added Yamaha Consoles and more DPA Microphones to our Hire Inventory!

If there’s one thing we’re passionate about, its Audio Quality – without the right bit of kit, the right ears listening to it and correct processing, even the best audio can be ruined.

But with the right tools in the hands of a good engineer, they can take any given audio signal to the next level. Our new Yamaha CL5 and QL5 consoles are exactly that, the right tools for any audio job! Available for hire and demo if you’re considering buying (we offer some excellent purchase options along with the friendliest help along the way) – we’re pretty blown away by how easy these consoles are to get to know, whilst they deliver exceptional processing, signal clarity and intuitive control performance.

And of course, our most purchased microphone, the DPA 4099 has now been added to our wonderful selection of equipment to hire too! An excellent frequency response with fantastic a gain-before-feedback ratio, you can pretty much stick it onto any instrument and get a cracking sound that works with you, without taking up all your EQ control to get it flat, you can actually use your processing to shape the signal to your preference. Another brilliant tool for the job!

We’d love to help you with Audio, Lighting or Visual Equipment! Feel free to get in touch for a friendly chat and we’ll help you get the best solution!

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